Our Mission Statement

"To preserve and improve
Buckingham Township
as an agricultural and rural
residential community."

The Buckingham Township Civic Association was incorporated on March 28, 1952, and has continued to be a viable and sometimes a very vocal force in the affairs of the community. It was formed by a group of concerned citizens with very definite goals for our township. The Buckingham Township Civic Association is not affiliated with the management of Buckingham Township.


Message to the Membership

Dear BTCA Member:

To the members of the Buckingham Township Civic Association: 

As the Directors look back over the past year and ahead to the new year, we are invigorated and more dedicated than ever to preserving what we love about Buckingham­­, while striving to make improvements and advocate positions that will bring our community into the future. So, what are we proud of from 2013? After much effort, we finally completed the revision of our bylaws, a project that had not been undertaken in over 60 years. As a result, we have: (1) established tighter controls over expenditures, (2) formalized our practice of having high school students serve on the Board, (3) codified the right of members to attend and be heard at Board meetings, (4) ensured that minutes will be available on our website so that our members will be able to track what the Directors are doing, and (5) become more inclusive with regard to membership and voting rights. The Directors made sure to follow through on what we started in 2012. The Community Garden continues to produce fresh food for our assigned pantry—where the need is acute. We are constantly concerned about the empty shelves that we see and we encourage all of our members to contribute food—or donate funds that we will be happy to convert into food. We cannot overemphasize the need.  Our flea market generated funds to purchase starter vegetable plants for the pantry plots of the Community Garden. Our student interns held a number of benefit fundraisers, but we can never do enough to keep up with the people who depend on the pantry to stave off hunger.  We continued to operate the three-season Doylestown Farmers’ Market and were gratified when the incredibly hard work paid off and it was voted the Best of Bucks Mont for the second year in a row—and two out of the last three years. Please visit when it re-opens in the spring so you can discover for yourself what makes it so special. The past year was also about partnerships. The Association was proud to establish ties with the Kiwanis Club and the organization they sponsor—the Key Club at CB East. We are busy encouraging the students to learn more about the activities and the valuable things Kiwanis does for the community. Amazingly enough, with the help of our student directors, the Association has taken to Facebook and Twitter to publicize our events. One of our students even made a You Tube video of the Farmers’ Market which you can access on this website. In October, the Association was very proud to sponsor Meet the Candidates Night at which candidates for the positions of Buckingham Supervisor, Tax Collector and Auditor attended a forum at which they answered questions posed by local citizens. Nothing we do as a civic association is more important to the community than hosting such an event. Dozens of Buckingham residents listened raptly to the candidates’ replies, including two current Supervisors, Maggie Rash and Jon Forest, who have acquired a new colleague—Paul Calderaio, who was elected in November. What do we envision for 2014? We will continue to sponsor the Community Garden, the Doylestown Farmers’ Market, the Flea Market, and the Easter egg hunt. We will continue to help the food pantry and award a scholarship to a graduating senior at CB East. But we also want to track the issues arising in the Township and advocate positions when the need arises. All of this costs money. All of this requires uncounted hours of volunteer time. That brings me to the fact that we need our current members to step up to the plate and do two things: 

1.                          Please pay your dues. On the upper left hand corner of your mailing label we indicated the last year you paid.

2.                          Please find another family or individual interested in joining the Association. Without new members, we will wither away. 

For those members who want to do even more, please consider helping out at one of our events or even becoming part of the Board of the Directors. Thank you and have a healthy and happy 2014.



    President Jan Tompkins on behalf of the Board of Directors


Contact us at or at 215-345-5355. 

Your dues allow the Civic Association to sponsor the Doylestown Farmers’ Market, which supports our local farmers and our economy while bringing you a remarkable array of edibles; to conduct our Easter Egg Hunt, which has delighted the children in our township for generations, to publish the Civic Sense Newsletter; to continue our scholarship program; and to finance the many other projects we sponsor during the course of each year. .                                                                                                       

We count on your membership dues to sustain our organization. If you would like to join us we encourage you to do so. A printable application with instructions can be found at our sign-up page.  We also encourage your feedback and your active participation in helping us to ensure that Buckingham continues to be a wonderful place to live.  We thank you in advance for your continuing support.                                     






The 2015 Easter Egg Hunt  

Keep your eye on this site for information

Click here for some photos of the 2014 Hunt




The Community Garden in Buckingham 


If you have an interest in participating in the 2015  Community Garden Program please contact us at or at 215-345-5355 

We  have opportunities for volunteers who would like to help with the harvest and distribution of food to local food banks when the crops ripen. 

We would also gratefully accept any financial contributions to help offset the cost of gas to transport food to the receiving locations.  


Doylestown Farmers' Market

Voted "Best in Bucks/ Mont for 2013."


  Vendor Application and Contract Rules available for 2015 Market.



  BTCA  Scholarship Award

               The 2014 winner of the BTCA Scholarship was CB East Graduate Amanda Borth. Congratulations Amanda!


"Board Meeting Minutes"

The latest approved Board Meeting Minutes can be found at

12/16/2013 (no meeting)


02/17/2014 (no meeting)










12/15/2014 (no meeting)

Please send any comments or questions to



  • The November issue of our newsletter is available. It's community news you can use. Read and enjoy!



The Board of Directors has revised the bylaws of the Association. By clicking on the link below, you can read them over. Among the changes you will find are tighter controls over our finances, guaranteed access to Board meetings by members in good standing, authorization for having high school students sit on the Board (in a non-voting capacity), a provision for electronic voting, and an alternative method for renewing the terms of directors (approved by the membership).










Buckingham Township Civic Association
P.O. Box 211
Buckingham, Pa 18912
(Southeastern Pennsylvania)
Phone: 215-345-5355